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Style guide

Here you can view all the different styles we offer within our made to order section.  

Long sleeve T-shirt - from ages 3-6months up to 8-9 years


Short sleeve T-shirtfrom ages 3-6months up to 8-9 years


Racer back vest - 2-3y - 8-9y



Baby Legging - 3-6m - 3-4 y is harem style,

Junior Legging - 4-5y - 8-9y is true slim legging style

Baby legging size guide:

3-6 m - aprox 34cm from waist to hem

6-12 m - aprox 38cm from waist to hem

12-18 m - aprox 43cm from waist to hem

18-24 m - aprox 48cm from waist to hem

24-36 m - aprox 53cm from waist to hem

3-4 years - aprox 57cm from waist to hem


Short with a turned hem - 3-6 m - 3-4y


Shortie - knicker short with cuff around leg 3-6m - 3-4y


Sleeveless romper with popper shoulder fastening - 3-6m- 2-3y


Shortie romper - knicker length romper with popper shoulders - 3-6m- 2-3y


Short romper - half leg romper with rolled hem - 3-6m- 2-3y


Long Sleeve Swing Dress - 3-6m- 4-5y


Short Sleeve Swing Dress - 3-6m- 4-5y


Racer back flared dress (fit just under knee) with pockets - 2-3y - 8-9y


Skirt with rib waist - 2-3y - 8-9y


Flares - 3-6months up to 8-9 years


Flared Dungarees - 2-3y - 8-9y